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Name Brand Consignment Shop



Bring your current, contemporary clothing items and accessories to SoHo Monday through Friday between 10-6, or on Saturdays by appointment. We will edit through your items to determine which will sell successfully in our boutique’s environment, typically in ten minutes or less.  

Please be sure items are freshly laundered before selling. Take a quick look at our list of accepted brands here.


We will offer you an amount on-the-spot in the form of a check.  If you accept store credit we will give you 20% more.


  1. An account is established for you that is accessible online to see the progress of your sales during your 60 day contract.
  2. Consignment splits are 50/50 or purchased outright.  
  3. You get paid!  If you choose to spend the money in your account with us in-store (as often happens) you receive an additional 20% on your money.

  • We consign and sell seasonally, please refer to the below suggestions:
  • August – October:  Fall items and colors. Closed toe shoes and boots.  Leather and jackets.
  • November –  January:  Winter items and heavier  fabrics. Fur coats and closed boots of all heights and styles.  Neutral colors sell well.
  • February – April:  Light weight transitional pieces. Cruise wear,  rain jackets and more colorful pieces sell well. Athletic wear is highly encouraged.
  • May — July:  Summery,  weightless clothing and bright colors.  Dresses, skirts. open toe pumps, sneakers and sandals.We consign and sell only authentic name brand & designer labels.  Every item brought to us for consideration goes through a highly scrutinized process by our experienced staff before being added to our inventory.  We guarantee all items we sell without condition.